A wonderful spiritual experience

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As the famous author Brianna Weist has said  about the term,spiritual experience :

A spiritual experience-

It makes you more aware . It expands your consciousness. It connects you, atleast for a moment, with a  part of you that doesn't required  physical means to validate it. 

Initially, I was not ready to believe this, as I had never had such an experience in life but now, I believe that whatever she had said was absolutely right.

Recently I had attended a spiritual meeting that was held  under a Buddhist organisation  called Bharat sokka gankai. The venue for the meeting was a place near my colony, thus, making it easy for for me and my mother to attend the meeting on time. 

Yes , the venue was at a walking distance away from my home and although the place was small, still I had a very good time with everybody  there in the meeting. 

The initial activities that took place in that meeting are as follows- 

1. We sat together at one place , in one room. After greeting each other, we started with our prayer session in which we all sat together with our hands folded . Initially we chanted together and then we all started reciting our prayers and this went on  for a very long period of time. I could see so many people were bored in this session, not saying a word, silently starring  other members' faces or the walls of the room. But I would like to make it very clear, that I was not one of those people. Throughout this prayer session I was having a wonderful feeling from inside for which I have no words to express even till today. That feeling was a unique feeling within itself and it can be felt by only those people who ever been a part of such a wonderful  spiritual  meeting. This prayer seesion became a source of   energy and helped me to get lots of positve vibes from my surroundings. 

2. After this prayer session, we were told to stand up and sing an english song, which had a positive message within that is, to fight with all our problems, our weaknesses and stay strong forever.

3. Members of this meeting came and shared their past experience-a.)what kind of problems they were facing ,                                                    b.) how they tried to avoid them but later chose to fight with those problems rather than running away from them,                                     c.)what lessons they had learned etc. 

4. A group of active ladies of Bharat Sokka Gankai(Bsg) staged a wonderful dance performance. I will cherish this particular moment throughout my life . There are many reasons behind it . Some of those reasons are :

i.The ladies were wearing simple yet beautiful dresses, and  their dance steps,and  their expressions for each and every moment of the performence  were worth noting.

ii. The ladies were singing as well as dancing with proper coordination.

In the end our senior most member in the meeting spoke about the positive points  of following a spiritual path in life as a -medicine, source of hope, etc. 

This meeting was a new experience for me as I got to learn alot from all my seniors who were there in the meeting to encourage me to be a part of such wonderful ocassions as many times as possible. 

Moral lessons that I got to learn from this ocassion are-

i.How to fight against your weaknesses without loosing hope

ii. By becoming a part of group I can learn more than what I will be able to learn alone.

iii. Whenever you are feeling that you are in trouble , pray to god with utmost faith and your prayers will be answered.

I would now like to conclude that if anyone of you ever gets a chance then do become a part of any spiritual organization if possible because such meetings have end number of benefits for all of us!!!!

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