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Yes, from the eye of love that rises. In the form of admiration burst strange vibrations created in the heart. Transformed an unusual taste in the soul. That is why, the eye is allowed only once. Because, it's like poison arrows that can injure the liver, scraping deep wounds. If the poison that was toxic to the liver, it is difficult to treat. Because he did not like the existing wound onthe skin. Which will soon dry out if left untreated. If the seeds of love was already in hand, do not hurry to sow in the hearts of land. Because, we do not yet know whether the land is ready to seed the green shoots. Could be, the land is still fragile to hold the roots of love. Do not let your hearts be broken because of the roots that should not be there. Let the seed grows by itself, when the sacred bond had been bound, while greeting kosher has spoken.

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