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When I started to try some ways for online distribution, I found Film Annex as one of different sites to show movies on the Internet, but, with the years, Film Annex became a strong tool for my professional development. One of the biggest advances in online distribution from Film Annex is that they really care about the filmmakers that allow their films on the site.

This support for the independent creators comes in different ways: the Film Annex team is always looking for the feedback of the users, and the site is always showing and promoting our films (with no year restriction). Film Annex's initiatives, like Women´s Annex, Pinkannex, The Examer, etc, try to include us in different ways with videos, interviews, illustrations but also our personal experiences. All this increases the views on our Web TV channels and also on Film Annex.

Another really important thing is that we really have a human contact with the people behind Film Annex, that means that we have the chance to speak directly with all the team that is behind the platform, giving them our suggestions, asking them for ways to have more visits, and everything that we need as users to have a better experience on the site (it is really nice to speak with a person and not with a robot).

All this prelude was to tell you that, for all those reasons, I have now the chance to make my new animation short film. From June 1st 2013, I´m going to start working on this new project and I´m going to use the revenues from my channel to buy the different technological devices that I need, the materials and also pay the rent of the studio.

This means that every week, I´m going to share with you the different advances of this project and to try to make the premiere on Film Annex.

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