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Name : Asra

Age :,  19 years old

From : Heart/Afghanistan

Graduate from school since 2011Mahjobe Heravy high school

I have ability to speake in 3 language (Persian , English & Pashto )

 I am member of the national unity tribes assembly of Afghanistan

And I am blog writer at film Annex

I am a girl who only believe to God because I know only GOD is prefect & I like respectful and honest people

I like animation cartoon but I can’t make Animation, so I wanna go to learn animation graphic in this winter.

I will  want  to go to Kabul province and I will go to Iran country in 2014 year for visit my friends .

I love my mother because she is very kind and help me in each work .

Sometimes I help poor people because they are feeble. my country people from condition is very poor.

 Sometimes I curious, what is life? So I think life is a like of River so if who can has/have swim good that person is winner . And if who can’t    swim good that person is loser in life.

I think I am lucky because more people love me , and sometimes I am not feeling well , I think I am feeble because I can’t go to university in herat province .my family don’t allow me I go to university in Heart , so I have very worriment .than I wanna go to out of Herat city .


Writer : Asra OmiD



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Asra Omid is an Afghan girl, she was born in April 28 , 1994 in Herat,Afghanistan .she finished school two years ago in 2011 from Mahjoba Heravi high school . she is a member of the National unity tribes assembly of Afghanistan ,and she is a blog writer at film…

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