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my name is Saqib Shehzad nik name ( ghulam Bahu).I was born on the 2nd of June in 1990 ,

I am 25 years old now. I have got 1 sister and 2 younger brothers.Then I have got my mother and father and gand mother too
I am mostly close with my Grany
I do love all my faimly and make the most of it whenever  I am with them.

I have been living and studying in chakwal Punjab Pakistan Near islamabad
i have 2 closed friends we love togethers verry enjoy in free time of day in evening

1st friend name zaheer and he is my clas fellow bt they do not studing yet I finished off my highschool and took 1 years in college govt comrec collega chakwal CSC
he made barber shop in city and hard work on his shop
2nd friend name is Haider he belong to a famous faimly of naqvi sadat  his full name is sayyed ghulam murtaza ali haider

he love going to school and he had  always taken his studies very seriously So now he had back in chakwal and he have started in admenistration department and hopefully I will be able to finish off with some great grades and then I plan to study abroad in England. The field I am thinking to study in is; Medicine. England is a great country with great opportunities, so I will have no doubt, when It'll come down to choose a country.
he hade never said to anyone in his  life, that he  love studies we have got big dreams of our life
I decided to be a teacher
zaheer's decided to his oun shop
haider decided to a job in islamabad behrea town admenstration deportment  behrea town as a manneger he love his work and very hard worker

Today we are very enjoying our holiday we spend 5 hours togethers
we get bike and trevel to kalar khar together compeny i like him we are very closed and best friend like a brothers God give me 2 gifts i proud to my friend always

soo i am very lucky person in word

thanks to read my blog

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