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We shall show them Our signs in the horizons

we should actupon the orders of Allahso that you be com success in the next world but
Is nearer to you than 'thyself. Therefore If
you would not try to be cognlsant of your own
being I.e. of yourself what else would you try
to look In vain for? If you think that 'we
reckon and recognise our selves,' then
you are surely mlstaken.' As, such knowledge
can not possibly be of any use. It can under
no circumstances be the key to the 'Ma'refet'
to the human attempt to the cognisance
of the Supreme Lord and the Master of the
universe, For, like this, even the animals

 human being recognised the God Allah

Allah indeed so devoted his creature in this world so after
life He will be come mercyfull to he His creaturthe next
world will be beautifull
the purity and the grandeur of the soul. Why should
such nonconformists fail to acknowledge is beyond
one's comprehension. One should therefore logically
learn that the saints, the elite of Allah consider
themselves in journey through this world.

know of themselves. They too can make out
such visible oartLof heir bodv