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It is said that the human being at the moment, according to science and technology, are in an astonishing position which is very amazing.

Those things and scientific inventions whose imagination was impossible 100 years ago, today they are part of our daily life and such items are included in our general needs and are in our use that we do not count on 'wonders' but now Until hundred years ago, when things were not present in our lives, it was considered to be worthless to think about them. Items like iPhone and Tablet PC ahead of the Internet, mobile phones, computers, laptops, are worth of common gadgets to our young generation used in our daily life.


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On the other hand, new machines like ultra-sound and MRI in health matters are the latest diagnostics system for the development of medical science. Robots are now engaged in serving customers in hotels after industries.

In this way, humans have been able to explore the mysteries of the universe in the field of research about the expanses of space, after the moon, even after the moon, it has been able to send rockets and space vehicles beyond the limits of their solar system. From heaven to heaven, the depths of the oceans and the sea have passed into human hands. However, in the world that we call Earth, and on whom we live, there are still a lot of things and places that we do not know much about. Most of us have heard the name of Bermuda Triangle. Even today scientists are unable to know about it. Similarly, complete information about Pyramid Egypt is not yet available.


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Apart from Bermuda Triangle and Pyramid Egypt, there are many places on our land that science is intuitive to describe. The following points are mentioned below.


1. Bridge Water Triangle

The Bridge Water Triangle covers 200 hundred square miles and located in the east of U.S state Massachusetts. It is said that this place is a habit of supernatural creatures, spaceships, demons, fireballs, non-scientific demonstrations, snowy humans, big serpents and huge birds. The first mention of this place in the 1970s is a "Cryptozoologist" named "Loren Coleman" (a specialist to know about mythical creatures), in his book " Mysterious America".

Here is a part called 'Swamp', according to the tradition, it is the place where the spirits remain. various rocks and forests are also located in Bridge water triangle. The names of these rocks are "Dighton Rock" and "The Profile Rock". It is well known today that a person spreading the arm on the night appears on one of these rocks.


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 The "Free Town Fall River State Forest" located in the Bridge Water Triangle is said to be the place where ancient American local tribes used to sacrifice animals. Not only people used to commit suicide here, but also criminals and the followers of Satan used to sacrifice human here by killing them.

Most people living near the boundaries of the Bridge Water Triangle have claimed that they have seen here flying spaceships, mysterious animals and humans, and other than this they also have spirits, demons and rotten dead bodies of animals. In the area of " Hockomock Swamp ", snowy human lives and huge birds are claimed to be flying. It is said that these birds have eight to twelve feet wide wings. A similar claim was made by a police officer Sergeant Thomas Drowni, of Nartni. The importance of this claim is that Sergeant Thomas recorded this claim in his official report. In 1998, the local police were given responsibility for investigating two incidents, in which a cow and some calf’s bodies were found in the different parts of the woods and their feet were butchered.

A tale is famous that when local ancient tribes were defeated by those coming from Europe, they had prayed for a curse the area centuries ago. Since then, this place was disrupted. According to another tale, during the war, these tribes had lost their King's holy sword and they were defeated as a punishment for this.


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2. Benning ton Triangle

Joseph A. Citro, author of the book "New England", was given this name to this place during a radio broadcast in 1992. Its aim was to attribute an area to the missing people of the Greek state of Vermont in the 1920s to the 1950s. This name was again on the lips into two more books, one of which is "Shadow Child", in which he allocated several chapters for those missing people. "Joseph" also identifies this area like "Bridge Water Triangle".

According to Joseph's books, local people tell strange stories about mysteriously disappearing people in this area. These mysterious disappearances reached their height in the 1940s. One of the famous stories of similar stories is an American student "Paula Jean Welden" who came to visit this place and disappeared in 1946 here. Thus, in 1945, 74 years old "Madi Rivers" came here as a guide to the group of four hunters and disappeared. In 1949, an experienced biker named "James Tedford" disappeared from here and nobody saw it again. According to an eyewitness, "James" was riding in the bus to come here, but before it came to the end of the last stop, no one knows where he went. The fourth person was an eight-year-old child named "Powell Jefferson". This child also disappeared in 1950. Paul was riding a truck with his mother. In one place his mother stopped the truck and got close to some work, and when she returned back about an hour, "Paul" was missing. He has never been found again.


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Just sixteen days after Paul's missing, a 53 years old Frieda langer came to Hiking in his area with Her Cousin Herbert Eisner. During her hiking, her feet slipped and she fell in a stream. After coming out of the stream, she told her cousin to wait for her there and she came to the camp and changed clothes.  But she never returned again. Seven months later, her body was found in this area, but the amazing thing is that the place where her body was found, many volunteers and helpers have passed that path via feet and also searched using a helicopter but none could find nothing.

Nearby people call these disappearances as a creator of invisible creatures and snowy people.

3. San Luis Valley

 Some parts of this valley situated in the US state "Colorado" is spreading to New Mexico. Here is the source of "Rio Grande". The US occupied this area after the American-Mexico war. Before 1868, the local Indian Ute tribe’s branch Capote was inhabited here. The reputation for this valley in the whole world is the claims of most flying spaceships have been seen there. There are also claims of dead pet animals. The incidents of flying spaceships are so common in the area that a woman named "Judy Misulin" built a regular watchtower in her farmhouse so that she could see the flying spaceships clearly. This woman has claimed to see flying spaceships more than fifty times alone since 2000. Many times dozens of people watched them together at the same time.


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But dead animal stories are more famous here than flying spaceships. This series began in 1967 when a horse named "Snippy" was found, whose brain was absent and neck bones were drained. After this incident, hundreds of more such incidents happened. Many of the things are common in all these events. For example, no drop of blood around the animals was found. Their bodies were cut cleanly, which shows that this is not the action of wild animals, and the third is that all the animals were absolutely fit and fine one day before. In this regard, the investigation has not yet reached any results and these events are still continuing. Some farmers say that before seeing such incidents, they see some mysterious lights on the sky. This impression says that this work is of space creatures.

4. Superstition Mountains

This mountain range occurred in the US state of Arizona, about 50 million years ago. According to the royal tales, a person named Jacob Walts, near about 1800 discovered a huge gold mine in these mountains. From that time, this mine is remembered as "The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine." Jacob kept its location in a secret until his deathbed. Later, many people attempted to find this, but it was all wasted. Some people say that the souls of these people are still crying in the mountains who kept heading here in search of gold mine and ultimately arrive at the ends of death.


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According to another narrative story, the guards of this gold mine treasure are “Tuar-Tums”, which means "dwarf people" who live in caves and tunnels located under these mountains. Some travelers believe they are sure that the door of hell is present in those mountains. Even today many people come here for hiking.

That is all for this blog. I am looking forward towards your response. If you liked this blog then I will write its next part for you people. Thanks for your time. Meanwhile, here is a video which will explain more about such kind of places.

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