Abrahamic religions

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Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the main three Abrahamic religions. All of them believe that there origin is Abraham. And Jerusalem is one of their holiest cities. Today we discuss a little about main Abrahamic religions.


This religion starts in first century. They are the followers of Messiah the son of virgin merry. They consider him the son of god. who was revived and will coming back at the expiration of period to judge the breathing and the lifeless and form an undying Domain of God.  Jerusalem and Vatican cities are there holy cities.


Islam is based on Quran and they believe their holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad to be the seal of prophets. They believe in one God Allah. Mohammad preach the Islam in Arab and then his followers preach his true religion in all over the world. Now twenty three present of world population is Muslim and they found all over the world. This religion starts in 610 CE. Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are Muslims three mast holly cities.


It is one of the old Abrahamic religions. It is started before 535 BCE. Abraham is hailed as the first father of Jewish people. One of his great-grandsons was Judah, from whom the religion ultimately gets its name.  


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