Accentuating Personal Style for Choosing an Outfit

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Accentuating Personal Style for Choosing an Outfit

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Have you heard the fable about sheep in a flock that is all the same?

These sheep are white and the same. There is nothing to distinguish them from one another. Almost all the entire sheep do not have a problem with it, except for one. It wants to be different. Therefore, it asks its shepherd if it can get a ring on his nose. The shepherd fulfills his wish.

One day, the others see the unconventional sheep with a ring on its nose. They find out that the shepherd can easily distinguish him from the rest. As a result, the rest of the sheep ask the shepherd to for a ring on their nose too.

We are not sheep but the idea goes the same with fashion. The majority is following the latest trend.

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With almost everyone going on the same direction, how does anyone can be different? Is there anything that we can do to stand out from the crowd?

Here is where the personality comes in.  

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Knowing your personal style means that you have to get to know and love yourself. Flaunt your uniqueness. Show your character to the world.

Why Do You Need to Work on Your Personal Fashion Style?

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  • It sets you apart from the crowd.

It is natural that most people desire to be different in a good way (not everyone though). Being the all identical is boring. They know that when they set themselves apart from the rest, people will notice and admire them.

  • Having your own style makes you feel comfortable and confident.

If you have always been a sporty person, do you think that you will feel comfortable wearing stilettos? If in case, you can still manage to wear shoes with spool heels, do you think you will be comfortable wearing them all the time?

Therefore, although sticking to your personal style is not a requirement, it is still important to know your core style because it expresses the real you. Remember that you do not want to look like a fashion victim.

  • Finding your personal style means finding your own brand.

Just like what it has been said before, one way to stand out from the crowd is to find your style. If you do it right, you can create the impression that you want to convey to other people.

It is important especially in the corporate world where you want to expand networks. The way you dress lets other people know the kind of person you are. You are creating the image of how you want the others to approach you.

How to Find Your Clothing Style?

  • Do Not Be Hard On Yourself

Feel free to experiment. Mistakes are possible. Remember that some people are having a hard time to discover their inner self.

  • Find Someone to Look Up To

There is nothing wrong to look for someone to admire because of their taste in fashion. However, be careful not to end up imitating them.

Think for the reason why do you admire these people. Analyze the common ground on their personalities. Look for the similarities in their fashion sense so you will have an idea on the type of style you like.

  • Keep a Journal

Have your own fashion diary. Write about the things that you love or even hate about yourself. Write down the persona that you want to become.

You can also paste some magazine cut-outs of the outfits, accessories, colors, or styles that look appealing to you. Analyze the probable reason why you like them.

  • Raid Your Wardrobe

Identify the pieces that you love the most. Look at each of your items and find which among your outfits are the most comfortable and uncomfortable to wear.  Learn if what you have in your wardrobe right now fits your current lifestyle.

  • Emphasize your personality by creating a statement or signature.

Most people make use of the accessories to create their own signature. I remember my professor back then in college. The faculty and his students knew him as a person who would always wear sunglasses even indoors.

To know which among your wardrobe piece to use for your personal signature, identify which of your pieces occupy the majority of the space in your wardrobe, you may use it as your signature piece. 

Here is a video of Estee Lalonde on additional tips on how to find your personal style.

Video Credits: Estee Lalonde via YouTube

5 Major Personal Fashion Styles

I would like to emphasize the major fashion styles because the others are subcategories. For example, the trendy subcategories include punk, rocker, artsy, sassy, and the like. The casual style’s subcategories include sporty, girl-next-door, etc.

You can create your style by knowing the major ones.

  • Classic

Image Credits: Museum at FIT via Wikimedia Commons

The famous personalities with classic fashion styles include Coco Chanel, Kate Middleton, and Anne Hathaway.

The outfit is conservative. People with classic personal fashion styles love wearing plains and neutrals. You opt for clean-looking garments.

Timelessness and seriousness make this style wonderful.

However, it can make the wearer (especially the young ones) look mature. The outfit is predictable and simple.

You can spice up the classic outfit by matching the plains with a bold-colored or printed piece, like a bag, scarf or shoes to add some interest. 

  • Feminine

Image Credits: Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, and Rachel McAdams are in this fashion type.

The outfits consist mostly of lace, silk, pleats, ruffles, and chiffon. They rarely wear garments with dark colors. You can also notice that softness and curves are dominating the linings of the clothes.

Due to the softness and roundness emphasized in this fashion style, it can make a person appear weak if the wearer is not careful enough. Therefore, it is not good to wear this style in a corporate setting.

To appear bolder try combining the outfit with a sophisticated piece that will make a person look reliable and serious.

  • Sporty / Casual

Image Credits: Milivanily via Pixabay

Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, and Sandra Bullock are examples of celebrities who are in this category.

The outfit is mostly a girl-next-door look. It is practical and effortless. The wearer values functionality and comfort. It is almost the same as the classic fashion style except that the appearance looks homier.

The most dominating wardrobe pieces consist of jeans, pants shirts, and sneakers.

The downside of this style is the tendency for the wearer to look underdressed and messy.

Make sure to stay groomed. Keep your hair and nails clean. To add more interest to your look, add a feminine or trendy piece to your outfit.  Play around with colors and accessorize.

  • Bold

Image Credits: Dream It Wear It

The fashion icons for this fashion style are Megan Fox, Khloe Kardashian, and Emma Stone.

The two key characteristics that describe the wearer are seductive and sophisticated.

Most of the time, the outfit is revealing and body-hugging, but not trashy (it has to be). Prints and high-contrasting colors dominate the wardrobe.

There are times that you need to tone down a bit. You can use feminine pieces to tone down your bold looks.

  • Trendy

Image Credits: SK 726 via Pexels

The famous personalities who are into trendy fashion style are Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Kristen Stewart.

The wearer is always updated on the trend and capable of mixing bold colors.

The problem is that most wearers of the trendy fashion style are just followers of the trend. Although there is nothing wrong with it, most of them forget that they have their own identity. As a result, they end up looking like a fashion victim by losing their individuality.


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You do not have to stick on one style. There are times or occasions when you have to dress up the other style too. Also, to accentuate your individuality, you might need to mix up a particular style with the other one.

The goal here is to work on your dominant personal style and make it your core. 

So, what do you think is your personal fashion style? Type in the comments section below. You may also want to answer this Querlo chat on body sizes and shopping which may also help on finding the right outfits for your size.


Thank you for reading.

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