Accepting and Declining Invitations

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Accepting and Declining Invitations

In everyday life we invite people and people invite us for certain purposes such as going for a walk, lunch or dinner, cup of tea or coffee etc, We also invite people or are invited on different occasions for example, birthday party, wedding ceremony, new year celebrations etc, At times invitation is accepted with thanks or refused by offering some excuse. In this unit we shall be looking at some of the ways of inviting,


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This dialogue is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump talking on the phone


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This dialogue is between two friends Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's talking on the phone. Hillary Clinton is arranging a programmed for an outing with Donald Trump's. Let's listen to the dialogue.
Hillary Clinton: Hello Trump. It's John here.
Donald Trump's: Oh, Hello John how're you?
Hillary Clinton: Fine thanks!and you?
Donald Trump's: I'm fine too.
Hillary Clinton: Are you fee in the first week of August?
Donald Trump's: I'm afraid I'm not. Is there something special?
Hillary Clinton: I want to go for an outing to ARIZONA. I was wondering if you could join me.
Donald Trump's: Why especially ARIZONA!
Hillary Clinton: I'd very much like to see Swat but we should have at least one week to visit Swat.
Donald Trump's: Than let's go to London. It's not that far. We can go and come back in a day.
Hillary Clinton: I have an important meeting on Wednesday. How about Friday?
Donald Trump's: That's fine with me.
Hillary Clinton: I'm sure we'll enjoy the trip.
Donald Trump's: I hope so.
Hillary Clinton: OK then see you.
Donald Trump's: Bye.

  • In the dialogue you just listened to, you heard the expressions like:
  • I was wondering if......
  • Would you like to go to ...
  • Let's go to ...

These expressions have been used by Hillary Clinton to invite Donald Trump's for an outing. Besides these, we can also use many other expressions. Let us first listen to some brief dialogues carefully.

1st Dialogue
Farina: I wonder if you would like to go to the cinema tonight?
Rehang: I'd love to. What a lovely idea!
Farina: how about having a dinner afterward.
Rehang: Sorry, I'm afraid I can't stay out for a long time.


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2nd Dialogue
Fargo: Would you like to join me for a cup of tea?
Hillary Summers: Yes, I'd love to.
Fargo: How about going for a long drive later on?
Hillary Summers: No, thanks, I am busy tonight.


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3rd Dialogue
Mother: Would you like to have some salad?
Son: I'd very much like to.
Mother: What sort of salad would you like?
Son: I'd like green salad, please.


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4th Dialogue
Neighbor: I should be delighted if you could come and have dinner with me tonight.
Hillary Summers: Thank you very much. That's very kind of you.
Neighbor: And watch a movie later on?
Hillary Summers: No thanks. I have an appointment in the evening.


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In the dialogues you just Listened to, you must have noticed the following expressions for inviting.

  • I wonder if you would like to go .........
  • Would you like to join........
  • Would you like to have ............
  • I should be delighted if you ..........

Using the above expressions write short invitations, inviting your friends for the following activities. You should listen to the dialogues once again if you need help.

  1. An outing
  2. playing a cricket match
  3. new year's party
  4. watching a movie
  5. long drive
  6. shopping

When someone invites us we must respond to him \her as a matter of courtesy. We either accept the invitation or decline/ refuse.

Now rewind your cassette and listen to the dialogues once again
Did you notice expressions like:

  • Thank you for the offer............................
  • I'd very much like to................................
  • That sounds a nice idea.....................
  • That's fine.............................................
  • I'd love to ....... what a nice idea!.................
  • Yes, Please.......................................
  • That's very kind of you.....................

You must have noticed that all of these expressions have been used for accepting an offer or invitation.

Now do an activity. Give a phone call to your friend to:

  1. Ask if he or she is free on Friday evening. Invite him/her for an outing.
  2. Invite him or her to go to the cinema.
  3. Suggest that you go out for a meal after the film
  4. Suggest that you meet outside the cinema at 7:00 pm
  5. Say good-bye


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How can you write responses to the invitations in Activity 2 expressing your acceptance?            Follow the example.

  • How about going out for a long drive?

Response: Thank you, that sounds a very nice idea. We would really enjoy.

Your Friend has invited you to her birthday party


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 Your Friend has invited you to her birthday party. She has sent a card to you. Do the following tasks.

  1. Accept the invitation on phone.
  2. Ask if she is free to come to a small party at your home.
  3. Make a similar card with different expressions for inviting her to your birthday party.

What would you say in response to the following offers:

Use the above expressions for accepting the offers.

  1. Someone you are not quite familiar with invites you to eat something. You think it's alright.
  2. Your cousin invites you to dinner. You want to attend the dinner
  3. Someone who is very close to you asks you to come to his place and spend the whole day with him. You are free.
  4. You are interested in movies. Your sister asks you to accompany her and watch a famous movie in the cinema.
  5. One of your colleagues is leaving for England. A farewell party has been arranged in his honor by the other colleagues. You are also invited.

Sometimes when we are invited by someone we do not feel like going but we do not say no It sounds very rude. We, therefore, make an excuse to refuse accepting an invitation.

In the dialogues you listened to in Recorded text No. 10 you might have noticed expressions like.

  • I am afraid I .........
  • Thank you for the offer but..............
  • I'd very much like to but ......................
  • I am sorry ...............
  • That's very kind of you but...........
  • Thanks a lot but....................


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Zola writes a letter to Maria Inviting her to spend a few days with her in Lahore. Suppose you are Maria. Now write a note to Zola thanking her for the invitation and expressing your inability to visit her at present. Also, promise to see her as soon as you are free.


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