Access to information for a better govern

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The right of access to information is one of the most important rights of humanity and rights of citizens. This right has mentioned in both the constitution of Afghanistan and human rights. The right of accessibility to information can empower the democratic system and it is a better way to govern organized.

Access to information is one of the base elements of democratic government which in simple view it means aware choice to form better governmental system. When we talk about a better govern we should take care that how much the governmental system can help people of the society. What the government does for secure of justice? It means that the main options to assess a better govern are observance of justice and secure of citizen’s rights.

Government should base by people wants and people profits, so far they get hand by hand to build and develop the country. This will cause that people obey from laws and constitution and this factor will bring a democratic atmosphere for nation.

This democratic government does not let anyone to do discrimination between people and all people have equal rights in the chart of religion orders.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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