Active participation of women in elections

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Women like men of other human rights , indigenous , Islamic , political, legal , and have been entitled to an extent and can be made to use it . The material constitution of Afghanistan , the government is endorsing , and supporting the fulfillment of those obligations to the contrary for any reason, such as being rural , Fqrv illiteracy, disability, being a class origins , characteristics , racial , linguistic , ethnic , express that side of the track Fight among the political rights of women in particular is to be elected in the electoral processes for their Hrpst that the candidate , or his or her vote in favor of the candidate of his choice to use , in the process can actively Vastfadh to this is to prevent They must work out their own benefit and their dependents .

Zaim elected leaders in each country : the overriding issue , perhaps crucial , therefore, that the women in our society , it is necessary based on this insight, scholarly , political knowledge , assess the future of the people and country regulations , consistent with the interests of the upper country to adopt Varjhyt Brmnab individual or group , in accordance with the requirements of the species are Vmsvvlanh to work , why not share the indifference of little or no use of their legitimate rights in this country and people are actually indifferent to the future of the nation's population will Brpykr great Vsdmh .

Vote us as we honor and conscience shall Vmmsl will, desire and attachment to ourselves and our society has a need for spiritual values against corrupt little comfort from that sense of smell is a social crime to sell Nrsanym .
Because the grace of Allah Almighty Vmrhmt ( c ) , the current situation of women in our country , wherever they live and localities to take advantage of their size and species of the human rights and community activists are to continue doing their work activities , no in this case,

we work to provide the scientific rationale , benevolent figure , known character of qualification and qualified leadership , positive and profitable role in the regulation of the future will truly feel the happiness of society , progress and promote to drive , to vote .
Hoping to reach a clear and decisive elections and a strong and committed Zaim demand and deserve the rights of Afghan women .

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