Active role of woman is needed for better Afghanistan

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Yes, I say the active role of woman is needed for a better AFG; Also every woman has responsibility toward her country all AFG woman have one objective; that is the improvement of AFG.


I expect those woman that have job not to abandon it and she, by working should show her ability to people that woman can do ever thing that they want a better AFG . if a girl or a boy study hard and finished her education and choose a good job for her or himself on that time he or she can make can make a better AFG in the future as our prophet Mohammad said ;seek knowledge from cradle to grave; so both men and women should be active about seeking knowledge.

I think there is no difference between woman and man bout must help each other and make a better AFG. This country is a very big country and its beautiful. all the people like it and want to be improved/.if a woman really wants her country to be improved ,she must do whatever her country needs .if a woman has more knowledge she can promote to  higher position .for improvement of AFG we should show people how to gain knowledge because with literate people can make our country.

At last of my sentences I say; long leave Afghanistan.


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