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Film Annex has found another supporter for their development initiatives in Afghanistan!

Check out the following video of Sean Behr, General Manager of the online video and advertising company, as he discusses his company's mission and how it supports the work that Film Annex is doing by bringing the Internet to Afghanistan's schools.

If you're in a hurry, here are the highlights:

-A brief history of, a company that uses social media and the Internet at large to bring online publishers and advertisers together. As someone who publishes primarily in the Internet market, I'm happy to see a company working to help people like me be successful. If you ever have a little spare change in your advertising budgets, you should definitely consider employing their services.

-Behr's belief in the power of social media (and the digital industry in general) to change the ways of the world. His idea is that, if we can use the Internet and digital media to educate people on what is going on outside of their immediate district and relate those global events  to their lives, the world will begin to find a little more harmony with itself. Personally, I couldn't agree more—it is the World Wide Web, after all. If it's not being used to connect the people of world, what's the point?

-A statement of support for Film Annex's goals in Afghanistan. is 100% behind these efforts, holding the belief that once the digital infrastructure is put in place, providing the Internet in the Afghan education system will have a positive impact on all aspects of Afghan society. Behr says, “It is noble and we are happy to be partners with you [Film Annex] as you go to make changes in the world.”

These are just a few of the points Behr touches on in his interview. He is an extremely well-spoken, intelligent individual, so you should really watch the actual video if you have the time. After all, he does manage an online video and advertising company, so it makes sense that he's better on camera than my words can convey.

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