Addiction to Technology

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Addiction to Technology:

       Different Technologies has entered into our lives in lots of varietiesMoves to social media networks and other digital gadgetsall the things calls for our consideration at any time when we flip to them. The level of this temptation is so excessive or we are even able to neglect our family members and buddies simply to join a group chat on WhatsApp and Facebook. We check our Facebook and our friend’s latest updates and life occasions, seem like Facebook we check Twitter for our favourite celebrities and politician tweets, we do not even miss Instagram many times a day too.

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If apparently once we are completed, we begin this all process as soon as once more, this behavior generally found in all of us now a days. If studying this has triggered your thoughts then you're also a technology addicted particular person. With all great technological developments we are not only attracted but in actuality we're addicted to it.

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Technology addiction is't bad factor:

         Technology addiction isn’t a bad factor, this doesn’t mean ending your use of technology rather it implies that doing no matter you want to do so that the technology can enhance the standard of your life without letting it take the control. So overcoming this tech addiction is something that must be targeted on now a days as the best way the world is getting Globalized it's also disconnecting our actual relationships as well.

How world has become globalized through technology

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How we are ignoring our beautiful relationships  

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Negative aspects as well:     

     If some technology have good aspects there negative aspects as well. In 1990 as a result of developments in internet internet addiction has really developed, which led to Psychological problems. One of latest such disorder is Social Media Anxiety DisorderIt's relates to generalized social Anxiousness, and is developed when any activity of social media impacts the psychological and physical effectively being of a person.People who interact in social media discussions worry that interaction with people will bring emotions of judgement, inferiority and self consciousnessUsually it leads to emotions of Depression and Embarrassment.

Social Media causes anxiety disorder

According to our this behavioral analysis has already proved that activities like checking your cellphone,Twitter and Facebook account on a regular basis or searching the Internet for interesting information and article, all these activities set off the reward center of our mind. 

As this video can describe the current behaviour of society related to Technology 

 Application developers and Technology industrialists:

       It's also realizing that how these technology industrialists and Application developers design their devices and Applications which help in growing our addiction stage.  It’s the very nature of how smartphone applications are designed that encourage  the constant stream of dopamine (a chemical which is released when you eat tasty food, drink coffee and alcohol its basically brain rewarding system every time when you accomplished some specific task brain release this hormone as a reward)  inducing notifications.

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As if we again observed the other side of picture, we can not totally blame the tech industry as well for enslaving us on a regular basis and occupying our minds and our daily life activitiesThe reason technology is designed on this all the time on, at all times connectedconstantly notified manner is just because that’s exactly what customers need. The technology business is just giving us what we want.

Human nature:

      As the principal of human nature is worry of missing out had remained from many years. This worry drove folks for many years, to try to do what everybody else is doing to follow what everybody else is following.

Actually technology also energizes folks to check their text messages even during driving, to reply call throughout a family dinner, to put up on Twitter, Facebook e.t.c even going by a medical emergencyWhether or not we accept or deny it however all of us do such silly things simply in an effort to hold an eye fixed over our worry of missing out or something which is finished by others.

During driving

During medical emergency 

     During eating time


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What is Nomophobia:

     Fear of missing out of your mobile phone is one of new phobia which is known as Nomophobia. In 2008 Nomophobia was indicated by British researchers throughout individuals.

People who find themselves mentioned to undergo with nomophobia report being unable to show their telephones off ever. They fear over working out of battery energy. They always check for their new emails, calls and text messages. And so they don’t even wish to go to the bathroom with out their telephones as well.

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This video can explain you better about Nomophobia

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Make your life balanced:     

     So now we have a better understanding and appreciation of what the issue is, it’s time to take a look at completely different ways in which we will manage our cell phone, browser or laptop so that these compelling notifications and different distractions don’t take over our whole life. Let’s reevaluate ourselves and begin having fun with the true colours of life make your mind technology addiction free and stay in contact with social media but in a extra balanced.


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