Admirable Qualities of Introverts

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As you can notice these days, I've been blogging about extroverts and introverts and this time. I will be blogging about the admirable qualities of introverts. Being an introvert may have its downside but surely, it also has lots of adorable qualities. In this blog, we will focus on the worth-cherishing qualities that introverts posses that not extroverts might posses and these are the things that make introverts unique at all and stand out from the rest.

These are the eight admirable qualities of being an introvert:

1. We Often Get Peace of Mind When We're Alone.


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I'm not talking about being lonely. I'm talking about being alone. Introverts often get peace of mind when they're alone. We can introspect on ourselves more and we get to know what we really want to do in life and who we want to become. We have big plans because we have plenty of time to be alone. Moreover, our minds are not chaotic therefore, we can sleep at ease.

2. We Can Be Happy with Small Things.


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We can be happy with small things. We don't need a lot of expensive and 'huge' things just to make ourselves happy. With just our favorite snacks or dessert, we can be happy. We don't need to buy Prada or Gucci or expensive watches like G-Shock because we don't feel the need to show off anything. Of course, cellphones are a necessity so we might buy expensive phones because it's given that phones on sale are expensive but we don't usually care about which brand is hip or not. What we care about is the comfort that phones can give us according to our needs. If we like to take videos, what we care about is buying a phone that doesn't heat up easily when prolonged to take videos. We don't need to show off because for us, it's part of necessity and we don't need to focus on that thing just for leisure.

3. We're Not Pressured with Peer Pressure.


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If you're going to invite us to a party, we don't simply feel the need to be there at all. We can go there or we can not and it's up to us if we want to be there. We don't mind even if you say, "We're killing out the fun" because we simply don't mind. We're not pressured when people tell us to do something just because everyone else doing it. We can decipher right from the wrong when if everyone is doing wrong because it doesn't mean that because everyone is doing it, it is the right thing to do. If you also put us in a bar, invite us to a glass of liquor and we're firm that we don't drink at all, we just don't care if you really get hurt. We're not pressured and we don't feel that we should adhere to what you're saying even if everyone is drinking. If you insisting for us to drink or smoke, then we have two options, to leave or pick a fight with you. But since most of us are kind, we choose to get out peacefully. However be careful, some of us will choose to pick a fight with you, so don't force us at all.

4. We Can Save Money...


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... because we don't spend on a lot of things. Do we like eating out? Yes, some of us may do. It's more fun to eat out with friends but since we are introverts, most likely it will be only us who're going to eat out. Now, do you think we'll like eating out alone? No! So to sum it up, mostly likely, we don't eat out at all!

We also don't have vices (Well, most of us won't probably have.) and because of this, we can save money just by not drinking and buying cigarettes. What we care about is to spend our money on food and on our other basic necessities. Just television, phone, and the internet is enough for us.

5. We Think Deeply About a Lot of Things.


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Again, there's a saying that goes, "Still waters run deep". This is indeed true to many introverts. We have great ideas about a lot of things and our mindset about everything is deep and something that not everyone might be capable of thinking of. We think of new ideas to innovate things. Some of us also hate small talks and we talk about great dreams and ambitions and I can assure you that when you're going to discuss something with us, you might get new insights you might have never known.


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6. We Hate Gossiping About Others.


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Admit it or not, most of the people who gossip bad things about others are extroverts. Introverts are generally loyal to their friends and they feel the need to respect everyone. For them, gossiping is just a part of small talk which is nonsense and that there's no need to do it because it's too trivial. It's like a waste of time for them because it's not beneficial to mankind.

7. We Are Loyal to Our Friends.


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You'll be lucky if we are your friends because we won't betray you unless you give us justifiable reasons to. We don't just become friendly to anyone because not everyone deserves our friendship. We stick with you through thick and thin. Call us in need and we'll be there to assist. Tell us your secrets and we won't spread them.

8. We Are Creative.


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Because many of us have talents and special skills, we become creative. We live more on introspection therefore, we can bring out the imagination from us. We have no limits in our creativity and we are one of the reasons why the world is colorful.

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These are the eight admirable qualities of being an introvert. If you know someone who's an introvert, why don't you take the time to get to know him? You might see these qualities in him. :)

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