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1. Meaning of Adult Education:

Adult Education means education for the adults. In Britain, france, Russia and the advanced countries, the adults are mostly educated. Asian and African countries cannot make progress if their people are uneducated. The adults should be educated.

2. Advantages of Adult Education:

Adult education is very important. It has many advantages. If the adults are educated they can be better workers on farms and in factories. They can understand their private and national problems. They can easily use new machines on farm and in factories. They can learn new methods of farming. Adult education is necessary for the success of democracy. Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. Uneducated people do not understand the problems of their country. They are of little use for the country. But if they are educated they will vote for good persons in the election who can do good to the country.

3. Key to success:

Adult Education is the key to success, the adults in villages and cities need education. Schools and centres should be opened for the education of adult. The schools and colleges can be used for this purpose in the afternoon. Special methods of teaching should be used. The adults should be taught language and Maths.

4. Educated persons to teach Adults:

The students and educated persons can teach adults in schools or at their houses. Only the government cannot solve this problem. All educated persons should come farward to solve this problem and educate the adults.

5: Adults in villages:

In villages we should teach adults how to read and write. We should tell them their duties. The government can open special schools for villagers. T.V. can also be used to educate the adults. In Pakistan, government is trying its best to educate the adults. Centres have been set up to educate the adults. 

But the only need is to do the right things for the adults people. This project should be long live. And Government should use an handsome amount of money for this purpose. Because it is a very important issue that Each and Every person of this country must be educated. Only by doing so we can survive in this modern Era. 

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