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A widow who's been divorced three times checked myself on an obstetrician. When the doctor wanted to examine the case of the conversation.

Widow: careful periksanya Yes doc, I am still a Virgin you know!

Doctor: Why? He said the mother had been married-divorced three times, which could be still a Virgin?

Widow: Gini lho doc, my first husband's ex apparently impotent, can not penetrate

Doctor: Oh so, but not the second MOM husband impotent right?

Widow: Exactly doc, just he's gay, so I am not determined-same apain him.

Doctor: then the third husband mother not impotent and not gay right?

Widow: Exactly doc, but it turns out he's a ' Politicians '

Doctor: Lha, what to do with the virginity of the mother?

Widow: he only promises that never there is doc, its realization!


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