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A college is dreamland of student life. It is a beautiful panorama of enjoyment, freedom and friedship. Sweet memories and pleasure of college life are simply amazing.


Hostel life is the main charm of college life. In fact, hostel life is the true world of fun and freedom. The students who live in home s envy hostel students. Hostel life is so charming that some students, in spite of having home in the same city, like to live in hostels.

There is no parental observation and restriction. Hostel students have their timetables for come and go, study and play and sleep and wake. They may study at night and sleep in the day. They may go to cinema whenever they like. So, they have their own lifestyle. Some student become extravagant in their expenditure. They can have their rooms very well furnished and they can also attend and arrange parties. They can also adopt expensive hobbies.

Hostel life plays and important role in developing the personality of a student. The students who live in hostel are confident, self dependent and active. They also feel relax and safe from domestic disturbance. So, every student given a chance to benefit from hostel life.

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