Advantageous of Olive Oil

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My aim is to write informative blogs about the health because a universal truth that “Health is Wealth”. As a consequence Film Annex Community is fully aware about their health. As I know about the significances and benefits of olive oil, so it is my painful duty to share and inform the Film Annex Community about the significances of Olive Oil.

 Olive oil is full of nutrients, which is the gift of Almighty God to the human beings. Olive a golden fluid keeps you healthy and away from different types of diseases. It’s a natural medicine, which have hundreds of significances and benefits. The continuous use of olive oil makes man healthy and fit. And the continuous use of olive is better than to use antibiotics after getting ill. The significances of olive oil are given below, use it and get the better result regarding your health.

1)      Full of nutrients:

Olive oil composed of many essential components which is necessary for human health, for example, it fulfil the shortage of vitamin E, iron, vitamin A, magnesium and the most important and basic component of DNA which is amino acids.

2)      Veins and Arteries:

The use of olive oil in diet reduces the chances of heart attack, because it keeps the veins, arteries and pipes of heart in normal conditions and never let the them to thick.


3)      Use as Pain killer

Olive oil is used as massage oil. It extracts the pain where you feel by doing massage. I have experienced massage of legs, when i was child i feel pain my legs, by doing so i didn't feel pain till now.


4)      Acne or facial spots:

The regular use of olive oil cures acne, facial spots or pimples. And never leave black head pimples on the face which reduces the beauty of face.

5)  Keeps you away form fatal disease:

 The use of olive oil controls your sugar level. It controls the production of insulin in the human body. Using olive oil protect from this dangerous disease. 

6)      Skin moisture and anti allergic:

Use of olive oil keeps your skin moisture. It keeps your skin protected from sunburn and dryness. If someone feel allergy from environment, using olive oil reduces the allergy.


7)      Reduce hungriness:

Olive oil is full of nutrients and the use of it will never let you to feel appetite. It reduces your hungriness.



8)   Cleaning skin:

Use of olive oil clean the dirt in pores of skin and makes your skin smooth and healthy. 

9)   Controlling Cholesterol level:

Continuous use of olive oil controls your desired level of cholesterol because polyphenol is present in it, which never let your cholesterol level to drop or rise.

11)    Use of Olive oil  in the manufacturing of Cosmetics:

Because of its best result the use of and the demand of olive oil has been increased by the cosmetics industries. But the use of olive oil preferably gives you natural beauty instead of artificial beauty by using cosmetics.

12)   Good effect on digestive system

Using olive oil in diet keeps your digestive system normal. Your will never feel pain in abdomen. It reduces the risk of constipation and diarrhoea. 

13)   Blood pressure:

The use of olive oil instead of any other oil or ghee keeps your blood pressure in normal condition.

14)  Reduces depression and enhances memory:

The continuous use of olive oil enhances your brain ability. It reduces the human's depression and it makes your memory strong and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.


These are the some of the benefits olive oil. One of the natural medicines that prevent different types of diseases should be used instead of using antibiotics. Use it in your diet and also for different purposes and feel your life easier and healthy.


Writer: Masood Khan

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My full name is Masood Khan.Basically, i am from Afghanistan, but living in Pakistan.
I am doing Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering And Technology, Lahore,Pakistan.

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