Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetics

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Advantages and Disadvantages of cosmetics:

My dear friends as every human have wish to look beautiful every time. So he focus on his personalty appearance each time. We not only want to look beautiful by dressing but also want to look beautiful our hands, Face , hairs and legs etc etc. So many time we choose that type of cosmetics products that are cheap or low in price. We are forgetting this thing when selecting cheap cosmetics that how much they can be dangerous for our natural beauty.

Let suppose if we are selecting cheap brand of shampoo for our hairs then unfortunately if we lose our beautiful hairs then what what benefit of keeping the money in pocket instead that we use it.

Same thing we can see in the skin products. All the products which are associated with skin, we have to very carefully select it. Always focus on good brand good result not on price.

Some time there is low price products of very very good companies. But once you apply the bad products on skin then you know that it ruins our natural beauty. Specially in skin case many girls use cosmetics which are not for good but they use it. These makeup cosmetics brings many skin diseases. Many people are facing hair problems.

Some skin or hair problem are natural we know that most of the time these are inherited problems.But we must be care of all these things which are directly related to our beauty.

At another side if we see those people who are using good products and selective companies they are getting good result. They are not tense because they fulfill their responsibility regarding their skin, hairs, etc etc.

  The purpose of writing my this article is not to compare any company etc. Just i want to aware my friends to be careful about their natural beauty.


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