Advantages and Disadvantages of science and Technology

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Science is the study of both natural and artificial things and we can also say that the study of Physical ,Chemical, Biological,Environment even in our daily life every thing has its own science either they are manufactured by artificially or naturally.

In 21 century science is full of its peak new things are made by the scientist rapidly like medicines which safe the life of human being.Due to their medicines millions of people safe there life from dangerous diseases.Due to the modern science formation of machine makes our life very easy and comfortable.

But due to this science and modern technology many problems are created like due to modern invention every country struggle to become more powerful and they made Atom Bomb which destroyed the whole world in a few minutes.

Due to the emission of poisonous gases many people lost their life who lived near the industrial area.The waste material of industries polluted the sea,river and ponds water and kills the marine life.

In short science have so many advantage and make human life very comfortable but beside all these things science also make dangerous for humanity.It is not fact of science it is the fact of human being who use it to the wrong way.

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