Advantages & disadvantages Of Television

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Television is one of the main modern inventions. It is an easy source of information, entertainment and plays important role to promote the humans knowledge.

               Television is the most common form of communication. It is used in business and science. Security personnel also used it to monitor the buildings and plants. Doctors can look into the human body with the microscopic television camera. Educators used television to access students throughout the world.


               It causes wastage of time. Many people keep sitting before TV for hours together. Sometime children become TV addict. By sitting before TV, they deprived of physical activity. Moreover watching TV may damage the eyesight. Some researchers claim that TV causes attention deficit disorder among children. Sometime children are attracted to TV advertisements. Influenced by these advertisements, they may adopt some bad habits. Psychology research shows that watching strong emotions on TV may lead a bad effect on mind. Children are badly affected by the scenes of violence, bloodshed and murder. Horror scenes also have negative impact on young brain.


               TV is a good mean of joy and fun but its excessive use is harmful for physical and mental health. Therefore keep a balance of everything in life.

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