Affair Disturbance

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If You Don’t Mind:

This article may be tension creating for “Lovers and Beloveds”. This can lead to writer’s murder but truth can’t be overcome by power and threat. So we discuss it in detail it must not lose your temper.



This is very dangerous but the commonest disease of universities and colleges. It is affecting boys and girls equally.



Age starts usually in 2nd decade of life. Male, female ratio is equally violated in affairs.


Affairs are of two types:

Acute affair

Chronic Affair



Basic cause of affair is “Javanee”: Student releases their tension by affair. In younger age student are fond of colorful lives. They want some changes in their dull routine work of life, so they develop this disease.




Tension creating organism is the basic cause of affair. When this organism enters the body, certain changes occur in body. First of all it affects the eyes of patient. Patient develops myopia, patient gazes the oppositeness. It is due to use of phones, which is harshly used from both sides.



Clinical Features:

Sleep disturbance is comm. complaint. Patient becomes well dressed unexpectedly and starts to sing a song. Loss of memory and patient becomes absent minded. Attention is diverted in lectures. Patient gives up bed tea and instead uses cell phones.


As it is neurological disorder in this disease muscular disturbance can occur. No specific treatment.


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