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In this blog I will compare two boys and their future having opposite natures.
These two boys are Robert and Berton.Robert was horrible,terrible and awfully bad in his youth.He would cause a lot of worry to his parents because of his bad nature and bad habits.There was always a lie in his throat.He would always utter the name of God or of sacred things profanely.He swore in order to support and make his lies affective.His another bad habit was to pull the hair of little girls.Everyone was unhappy with what he did.His boyhood was not anything but a stigma on the human race.
Robert would never abide by the rules of game.He believed in foul play.He voilated the rules and regulations of the school throughout the year.He had no regard for school discipline.He involed himself in one mischief or other during the whole of the years.He was a trouble creator.When Robert grew to manhood,all the people of the village knew him that he was good-for-nothing.Everyone believed that nothing would become of him.He would be a toal failure because he had done nothing to build up his future.
Now I describe a student of absolutely opposite nature that is Berton.When Berton was a child,he was not lacking in discipline.He was very disciplined and gentle in his childhood.Everyone knew him as a good little boy.He was a very honest and shiny student.the teachers were delighted by his performance in the class.He was an apple of the eyes of his parents.In short everyone believed that he would achieve great things in life.Very well known proverb can be very appropriately quoted here:
Coming events cast their shadow before.
All the people living around Berton were very happy with his behaviour.They were certain that his good qualities would continue to grow.They knew that he would be a very successful man because of these qualities.Berton lived a spotless life.People were greatly impressed by his systematic struggle for winning fame.Everyone believed that he would achieve great things in life.
He haNow I will give you a totally unexpected result which is surprising as well as shocking.Although Robert was terribly bad boy in his youth but he became a as man of honour and fame.Everyone admires him.Whereas Berton was a good disciplined boy in youth and now unexpectedly he has been put behaind the bars.he has become a criminal and is living in a dark prison.

The reason for changing the status,I presume,is good or bad company.Luckily Robert happened to befriend good people and he gave up bad habits,whereas Berton got into a bad company and was ruined.

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I am a student of Bsc Agricultural scinece .I am from Pakistan. I belong to Haripur.

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