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The words that we use creates its own place, the choice of our words impacts the other person in a good way or a bad. It is very important to use good words or I can say effective words that enlighten the person rather than hurt. These words, too if used wisely can improve our lives and change it in a better way and if we use bad words for ourselves, we will end up having a terrible life. Words matter, whether it's on us or any other person




Positive words, if one repeats over and over again, effects once life. There is a term for this and its called Affirmation. It is a set of powerful, positive words that one person repeats in his mind and visualizes himself. For example, I am stronger than yesterday, each day ill grow stronger etc. these empowering words make your day, everyday for the rest of your life. you can understand this term with the help of an example of Titanic or any huge ship, now in big ships there is one captain that sits on the top that sees the hurdles on the sea and commands the workers to move left or right, speed high or low, the workers are deep down at the base of the ship which cannot see anything as the whole base has no windows, they act accordingly to the captain of the ship. Same is the case with us, we are the captains of our minds, whatever we say to ourselves and our brains, the workers inside our brains will act accordingly. It depends on us what we say or command our minds to do, or what we attract to ourselves. the following video will give you an idea on affirmation and how you can too use these affirmation techniques in your lives.

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If you want to improve yourself from inside, affirmation is the best medicine for you. People who want to improve themselves start from within and how can they improve themselves? There are simple ways, first believe in yourself, then make good comments about yourself, feel good with yourself, that's the only way you can improve your inner self, when you are firm and determined from the inside that you are worthy and you can do anything in this world and you can too live a happy fulfilled life, chances are you will end up having such a life.


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These are simple eight ways you can try to improve your inner self, by Miss Nicole. 

1. Reading books help you the most because as Nicole says it's like having a mentor that constantly gives you good advice to whatever aspect you want to improve or learn.

2. Listen to the podcast, spend your days listening to audios of motivating personalities that teaches self-improvement or simply motivates you.

3.Take a course, You can always learn by joining an institution and taking a course, it can also be online or live.

4. Practice old passions, when we are young we often have passions that were impossible at that time, like cliff jumping, skydiving, swimming with dolphins etc. you can take time out from your daily busy routines and go after your old passions.

5. Get feedback, people today are very keen when it comes to feedback, you can always ask your trusted group of people to tell you about your improvement and you will see that they will appreciate your efforts that will act as a driving force for you to fly even higher.

6. Work towards a goal, you need to set goals, if you have goals you will easily achieve them. Set goals, work towards it on a daily basis.

7. Be open to change, change will come, no matter what, time changes, places changes, even people changes. All you need to do is to be ready for any change that occurs, be ready for any challenge that faces you, always be ready.

8. Get around the community, surround yourself with people who encourages you and avoid people that belittle your ambitions.


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Watch this incredible video and will immediately get the point that what is the best version of ourselves and how much we need to improve to get there. Watch this video again and again.

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The internet is filled with images and videos and numerous websites that give you best of the best quotes that are both inspirational and motivating and just what you need.

Check out these amazing quotes and share your favorite quotes in the comment section:


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Being positive changes your life, one way or another. You need to be positive, in every way you can, saying good stuff about yourself is the first step to positivity. if you are positive from the inside you will affect the people around you. If you want to improve yourself, you need to be positive!


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