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No doubt, the energy for the human body is very important, but after working all day there is a reduction in it. The millions of people around the world the world are suffering from fatigue, lethargy, shortness of breath and at work and many identical other problems due to reduction in energy. It is true that due to working whole day greater part of physical energy is lost but by paying a little attention we can regain lost energy. For this purpose, first you will have to leave the artificial energy drinks and replace them with foods that will keep you fresh after use and will keep you energized throughout the day.

Energy-rich foods:

Use such food which is rich in different proteins and fibers means eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of taking energy tablets.

Water Melon:

According to research published in the journal “Nutrition study” dehydration sucks the physical energy therefore, to avoid this kind of problem watermelon should be  used, because it contains about 90% water. In addition, minerals. Watermelon is also rich with a variety of vitamins and minerals.


 Yogurt improves the digestive system and also enables the body to get maximum energy.


 According to a study at the University of Cambridge in 2011, protein-rich foods can keep you longer active and energetic. But except the eggs, milk and yogurt proteins are difficult to achieve in breakfast. You can get large quantities of the proteins in the cheese.


Walnuts greatly helps in producing a hormone called melatonin. Naturally these hormones are produced by our body after sunset. Melatonin is a hormone necessary for sleep and if you sleep well, it has positive impact on the physical energy and help to perform daily routine work.


According to different studies, drinking coffee reduces risk of depression and depression is a great source of energy and emissions.

Green tea:

If you do not use coffee then you may use green tea because it is rich in amino acids because In the event of any illness it prevents energy loss.

In addition the use of Brown Rice (rice), lentils and porridge by adding milk is also very useful to get energy. 

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