Afghan Female Doctors

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    Since the fall of the Taliban era in Afghanistan, all governmental and non-governmental organizations restarted activating. For example, hospitals especially maternity hospitals were not available in most parts of Afghanistan. Now modern hospitals are built funded by the International Community.

    Shala is a 45 year-old woman who is working at Herat maternity hospital. She said: "I didn’t work at any hospitals for about 6 years except staying home and doing noting because women were not allowed to go to out of their houses." Now, she is doing her job and serves women give birth to their children easily.

    Nargis is another doctor who works at Herat 600 bed hospital she says that "The Taliban era had been the worst ever era for all Afghan women, and fortunately now women can work in all fields along with the men and support their families."

    Nargis says that she is checking about 15 patients a day and sometimes she is at the operation theater in order to operate the patients who need to be operated.

    Khalida is another 26-year-old girl who has already graduated from the medicine faculty of Heart University, and now she works at Herat pediatric hospital. She said: "When I am coming from the center of Heart City toward the pediatric hospital in Shaidaee about 6 kilometers away from the center of the city I feel well and praying for the children who are sick to recover soon."

    She says "I am very happy with the current situation of Afghanistan and would like to see my countrymen be healthy and successful in their life."

    Pari Gul is 53-year-old woman who has given birth to 7 children, and now she is in a bed of Guzarah District Hospital and said: "I remember when Heart people were talking long trips to neighboring countries for treating their sickness."

    Afghan girls are trying to participate in different fields of their country in order to serve their country. Hence, tens of girls are annually entering to different faculties of different Afghan Universities after passing from a hard University entrance examination.

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