Afghan Girls attend Digital Literacy and Bitcoin Classes in Herat with Women's Annex Foundation before the Persian New Year

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The winter holidays are slowly getting to the end and the New Year is going to start soon. The New Year is also bringing another message with itself and that is the new educational year for Afghan students which is going to start on the second day of the Persian New Year. Student are happy about the new educational year ahead and can’t wait to start their new classes.

This year the students did not really get away from school in the winter holidays since a lot of them were participating the Digital Literacy classes of Women's Annex Foundation. According to some of the students this year was the only one which they could get the best out of it since they learned a lot of new things on the winter holidays.

Mayram one of the Digital Literacy classes student said “We are really glad to have this chance to participate the Digital Literacy classes since most of the students of other schools don’t have such a chance. This year was a very productive year for me and other students who are participating these classes. We have learned a lot of new things which all will be very practical for us in our future career.”

Sayida another student says “I have learned a lot of things about Computer and Internet but the thing which interests me out of all is the Bitcoin. I was always thinking about doing some online shopping but unfortunately I did not have the credit card to do so, but now I know about Bitcoin which provides me the opportunity to buy things without having any bank account.”

Afghan Female Students in Herat, West Afghanistan, learning how to use Bitlanders and Bitcoin


The students all demand that the Digital Literacy classes continue on during the educational year. They say the classes should be organized to take place before or after school times. Shakila said “I have learned a lot of useful things from these classes and I want to have the same learning opportunity in the future. This things we are learning in these classes won’t be found anywhere else for us since most us are not allowed to participate private courses.”


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