Afghan koftay (mince) with sauce

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Afghan koftay (mince) with sauce

Ingredients for Afghan koftay

Fine grinded meat about 1kg

Onions 3 pieces

2 tablespoon garlic

Tomato 1 piece

Coriander leaves

One egg

Turmeric powder half tea spoon

Pepper 1 tea spoon

Ingredeints for accompnying sauce

Cooking oil quarter cup

Onions 2 pieces

Water as per need

Tomato 1 piece

Turmeric powder half tea spoon

Salt as per taste

Method of cooking

Put meat mince in a large bowl. Finely chop onions. Crush the garlic in a grinder. Chop the leaves of coriender and make paste of the tomato. Put all these in the bowl along with pepper, the egg and the turmeric powder. Mix them with hands. Then make medium sized round balls and leave them for some time to dry a little.

For the sauce fry some chopped onions in cooking oil till they get brown. Then add other igredients of the sauce as mentioned above and mix for sometime. Then add the meat ball previously made in this sauce and cove the dish leave it for sometime on a low fire. After one hour put off the fire and the recipe is ready now. If u want to add potatoes , then after one hour add them and cook for half an hour more as potatoes get cooked more early than the meat.


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