Afghan Presidential Election

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     Afghan presidential election is on the way, the candidates are registering themselves, the electrical campaigns and programs are beginning, people are looking to obtain a voting card, the cities’ faces are changing by electoral posters, media and social networks’ activities are increasing and widely used by candidates’ campaign teams and finally all Afghans are coloring their fingers like each other.

But the question is this: due to all these actions, what is our responsibility for choosing the next four years president? What should the criteria for choosing the President? And so on,

Above all, paying attention to the character of the candidates is very important that should have a good working background. Amount of honesty, commitment and compassion to this soil and water must be cared. Their beliefs to the Islamic principles should be the main criteria because Afghanistan is a Muslim country and its citizens have a strong belief in Islam.

Being Afghan (special means), It is important that candidates should have risen from the Afghan community, familiar with people’s tired shouting and shouldn’t have the background of working on foreigners’ interests. Candidates’ applications must be analyzed and reviewed carefully to contain the practical applications and promises and shouldn’t give the promises for misleading public opinions just to vote.

Finally we should select the person who puts the balm on increasing pains of this great nation, should maintain the current Afghan Government’s achievements and must have the required experiences.


Hey countryman, let’s have the best choice because I belief we deserve the bests!

                                                      Blogger: Kumail Jawadi

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My name is Mohammad Kumail Jawadi, I am studying Computer Science Faculty at Kabul University and working as a blogger at Film Annex, I love my home land “Afghanistan” and its citizens, I like to have relationship with my nice compatriots and other excellent people.

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