Afghan proverbs and sayings

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     Proverbs are phrases or sentences or even compound nouns that help people communicate in a better way. Afghan people have got lots of interesting proverbs with even books of meaning. They use proverbs and sayings in order to understand one another in a better manner.

     They, in fact, have inherited these proverbs from their ancestors. The ones who have torn pairs of clothing in different stages of their lives, and have made shorter the hours of discussions are not alive now. But, their proverbs are still alive and will be for centuries.

The following proverbs are those that Afghan people usually use in their daily conversations and other talks.


Whatever you sow you reap          چيزيكه كشت مي‌كني، درو مي‌كني

Don’t stop a donkey that isn’t yours                   به كاري كسي دخالت مكن

It’s the same donkey, but with a new saddle                        شخص همان شخص است، لباس‌اش تغير كرده

One flower doesn’t bring spring      با يك گل بهار نمي‌شود

A friend in need is a friend indeed         دوست واقعي كسي است كه در وقت سختي به دردت بخورد

A tree doesn’t move unless there is wind.        هيچ رويدادي بي دليل اتفاق نمي‌افتد

They asked the fox, "Who is your witness?" He said, "My tail,"   .از روبا پرسيدند كه شاهدت كه است؟ گفت: دم  من

A mother won't give milk to her child until he cries.  ناخواسته چيزي به دست نمي‌آيد

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