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As for the passing of the decades of war in Afghanistan, we met with many problems still have to pay for several decades spent deals. Unfortunately, it is not clear that this trend will continue until what time. Because the pain of the people of Afghanistan were really tired.

One of the major problems is the original place for females failed to get a sense of tradition and custom web obscene. Most Afghan women oppressed by violence and their families have been beaten. And have never been able to defend their rights so they have no choice but to endure all the problems and never found the opportunity to function as a productive member of society for their own show. Unfortunately, the problem still persists.

One of the major problems for those Afghan girls who want to play a role in the film as an actor. Is that they can easily appear as an actor on a movie screen. Afghan filmmakers have trouble finding a female actor. Usually male relatives of actors are proud in Afghanistan but the girls relatives embarrassment that one actresses of their daughters appear in the film as an actor.

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