Afghan Women have developed

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Afghan women have developed in different fields in Afghanistan. Since the fall of the Taliban, women have developed in political fields, social, cultural and education in Afghanistan.

    Somaya is a 34-year-old woman who works at Inqelab High School as a teacher. She says that she and other men work in the same office, and she teaches classes from the eighth 8th grade to 12th. She said: “The class I am teaching most of them are the boys who are more than 17 years old. They love me the same as their mothers.”

     Somaya is woman who has used her lifetime in Afghanistan, and she has had different memories from different Afghan leaders. She told me one of her good memories from Dr. Najib era: “When Dr. Najibullah was on power, the same as now women had the right of going to schools. Women could attend different aspects of the country such as political, social, cultural, and education.”

      Somaya is now happy with the life, and she said: “Since the fall of the Taliban, Afghan women have developed in all aspects. They have gotten the right of the freedom of speech. I have developed in the field I am teaching because I have attended many seminars in Geography taught by the expert teachers.”

     Different national and international organizations caused Afghan women develop as much as they can help support their families.

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