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The world is divided into two kinds of people, the settlers and seekers. Settlers, though brim with potential agree to live the life that they are in while on the other hand the seekers capitalize on their talents and dare to pursue the right paths for themselves. In my 22 years of life, I have come across both and found the 'seekers' so inspiring that nothing have restrained them from broadening horizons. 

Shared below is the hottest list of the year for the ones who 'seek'. These are opportunities, I believe would add highly significant value to the lives of the potential candidates. I am very confident 'YOU' can be one of them, better take advantage and give it a shot!



                        "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity"   ~Jackson Brown Jr

1. Preparing Global Leaders Academy (Amman, Jordan 16-22 March 2014)

2. Win a trip to 2014 World Cup Brazil - "Be there with Hyundai" Contest

3. World Bank Summer Internship 2014,,contentMDK:23124040~menuPK:8453544~pagePK:8453902~piPK:8453359~theSitePK:8453353~isCURL:Y,00.html


4. 2014 Echoing Green Fellowship Application


5. 2014 AP Global News Internship for International Students / Graduates


6. Paid Volunteer Opportunity in Germany

7. World Bank Group - Junior Professional Associates or JPA employment program,,contentMDK:23123988~pagePK:8453902~piPK:8453359~theSitePK:8453353,00.html


8. Karsh International Scholarship for Students to study in USA


9. Merit Next Year-long Leadership development program 2014-2015


10. Apply for scholarships to the International AIDS 2014 - Conference Australia


11. 'Go Green in the City' global business challenge - Win a trip to Paris in June 2014


NOTE: The deadline and criteria for scholarship and internship programs is different depending on the requirements.

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