Afghanistan Children of War find support in USA with the Global Medical Relief Fund

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We at the GMRF have been blessed with the arrival of six year old Marzia. She comes to us from a remote village in Afghanistan. Four months ago Marzia sustained a gunshot wound to her face during an attack on her village. Her father and her brother were both killed in the attack. 

The wound left her with the loss of an eye and terrible scarring in her nasal passages. Our partner in effort, Mission Restore has already examined her and she is scheduled for surgery in the coming weeks. 

Marzia is also scheduled to meet with our oculist to fit her with a prosthetic eye. 

Although very shy at first, she has quickly become a force at the "Dare To Dream House". She loves running and playing in the yard with Tara (Indonesia) and Ahmed (Iraq) who are also here for treatment.

The Dare to Dream House production team is busy finishing a beautiful video of her arrival and treatment here in the USA.

We can't wait to see her smile when she sees herself with her prosthetic eye for the first time!

We at the GMRF thank all of you for your support and blessings!

We will continue to heal the children of the world...One Child at a Time!

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