Afghanistan corruption

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Corruption is a big challenge Afghan people suffer. The existence of corruption is ratified by both Afghan government and International Community.

     There are lots institutions, such as anti corruption Offices in Afghan provinces, and soon activating to eliminate corruption in Afghanistan.

Today, Afghan government is using from both media and multi-media to fight against corruption in Afghanistan. In Afghan cities every where messages of anti corruption are written on the billboards. Through local and national TV channels they have shows to decrease corruption in Afghanistan.

      In addition, Afghan educated people are fighting against corruption through social networks, such as Facebook and Film Annex in Afghanistan. They are writing articles on Film Annex  to give solutions how to fight with corruption in Afghanistan.

International Community led by the United States of America has always pressured on Afghan government to decrease corruption in Afghanistan. Thus, they have decreased their economical cooperation in Afghanistan.

      Today, Afghan people fight against corruption in Afghanistan through writing articles and posting them on Film Annex website and Facebook. Afghan people are hopeful of having a country corruption free in the future.


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