Afghanistan Education system with Information Technology

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Information Technology (IT) is a new word in computer world. Information technology is to manage the information with using of computer and software. IT is a new way to store, retrieve and mange data without losing them.

IT is the new concept that mostly used in developed countries and that is the key to be developed and Afghanistan is one of the developing country and really in need of IT.

Afghan Citadel is one of the companies which help education system of Afghanistan by IT. Afghan Citadel and Film Annex provide computer classroom and training classes for the female schools to familiarize them with this concept.


Hatifi high school students and administrative of that are too happy to this chance provided for them that they have this big internet classroom for their schools. Now they can apply their computer curriculum at Hatifi High school.


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Established in 1938, Hatifi High School is one of the largest schools in Herat, Afghanistan and has 8300 students. The students attend the classes in rotations. The school offers 116 classes only for female students. Film Annex and Citadel are building an INTERNET classroom at Hatifi High School in June…

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