Afghanistan Education System with Online Software, Examer

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Education is the key factor for developing countries. Without education, a country cannot achieve a convenient economical development. Afghanistan is one of those countries that need more talented and educated people. Every person has the right to be educated either male or female without any prejudice. That is a solution for developing countries such as Afghanistan to achieve women empowerment, economic growth and peace.

Today many organizations are taking care of education system of Afghanistan; they are working on it to help and develop education system in Afghanistan.

Technology is one of strongest way which do magic on education system, bringing new technologies and methodologies can help students in each level to enhance their knowledge, therefore they can research on the materials and find a new way for development.

Both Film Annex and Afghan Citadel are the companies which are improving education system in Afghanistan, Central and south Asia by means of implementing new technologies for the students in schools.



We are developing an online educational system which takes online exam from students; this examination system is really helpful in to prevent corruption, speed educational procedures and exams.

Citadel and Film Annex has been building 8 computer labs for the schools in Afghanistan and implementing Examer software on those schools. Currently more than 4600 students from 5 schools in Herat (Hoze-Karbas high school, Alisher Nawaie high school, Hatifi high school, Baqh Nazargah high school, Malake Jalali high school) registered to this educational software. Most of those school’s teachers are using from Examer system, they are taking their exams by Examer and they really enjoy taking advantage of this system.


Currently most of the teachers are participating in computer classes in their schools which held by Citadel, they are learning the basic of computer to work better with Examer system and internet.

This is really a big achievement for us to see that schools in Afghanistan have access to internet thus having such educational software that direct them to promote more in their education and futures will be a great too.  



Roya Mahboob the CEO of Afghan Citadel company is in 100 Time Magazine list and that is really inspiring and as well it’s inspire other women in Afghanistan to be like her and makes change future of Afghanistan.


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