Afghanistan Education System

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Government of Afghanistan tried in the last ten years to improve and make a new curriculum across the country, but due to lack of security, lack of textbooks, trained teachers and appropriate learning environment over the country are        still many challenges in front of Afghanistan government

 The Taliban destroy schools in the South and still entertain female students are being punished. After years of warand changing the methods of educational structure made big challenges for Afghanistan

The design and implementation of a new training program in Afghanistan lasted ten years and still has a lot of problems. The security situations in the southern provinces of the country are the most serious problems that we



We have 500 units in the areas of training packages and about 30 thousand students are barred from going to school. The second challenge that Afghanistan government is face with is lake of experienced teachers, because half of the teachers we have never been given the appropriate training, and this is very important

The Ministry of Education is about to rewrite the religious education texts books for new generation of Afghanistan

In the past, Taliban who were Pakistani educated had complete control over Afghanistan text books. One of the biggest challenges in Afghanistan is religious texts, because many students have studied Islamic studies in neighboring countries like Pakistan, Iran etc. it makes all of them to stand against of Afghanistan government.

 Around 4 million and 500 thousand volumes of textbook books are under publishing.

Million students across the country have no place to study. About 7 thousand from all 16 thousand schools in Afghanistan don't have good places for studying and students have to continue their lessons under the tents or open air. Some schools have building and classes but the Classes are too crowded.






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