Afghanistan elections and the selected candidates

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There has been a buzz around in Afghanistan for the next elections to be held next month.I have met some local candidates in Kabul city and they were really worried regarding the results of the elections.

It,s an interesting stat that the winners of the local candidates have already been selected.In a small kabul city ,there are 457 candidates for Walayate Shora and out of all 33 will be selected.The election compaign is at full swing and you can see poster,banners on every part of kabul.

I met a local candidate in kabul and he wanted us to support his we put in some effort to put his posters and banners on different locations in Kabul.I asked him that is there any chance for you to get selected because out of 457 ,it will be a miracle for you to get selected,He answered me with a glimpse of hope that God is Great and God will help me overcome all the hurdles.I was really impressed by his personality ,he was young ,he was educated and he was willing to work for people.I joked with him that how much will you pay us for a single vote ,he laughed and answered that i am not that rich to buy votes which others have.He said that there are candidates who are already selected,there is no compaign at all and they still are favourates.Money is what decides the outcome of the local elections.

We need young and enthusiastic people who are willing to work,and so far we are far away from them.These warlords and ethnic groups are making it hard to overcome the problems.They have a string hold over all the local government offices.We need fair elections to select a candidate of our choice.How will a country move forward when there is no freedom of choice and when we have selected candidates before the elections are to be held.I am not voting at all because i know my vote wont count and its better we stay at home and wait for the results.

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