Afghanistan is our country

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Afghanistan is my country. Afghanistan is an Islamic country which is located of Asia. Afghanistan is home of all afghan peoples. The people who are living in this country are really brave and hospitable. Afghanistan is a mountainous country the famous mountains of Afghanistan are Hendokush, baba, feroz Koh, and…. And the famous rivers of Afghanistan are Amo rivers,  panjshir rivers, Hera Rood, and……… Afghanistan is an agricultural country, it means the only way for development of economic situation of this country is agriculture and Afghanistan has more than 5000 years history in the world their religion is Islam and the flag of Afghanistan is made from three colors such Black, red and green. There are different  nationalities exist in our country such as Pashtoon   ,  Tajik, Uzbek   , Hazara, Baloch, and Nuristan.   The national languages of Afghanistan   are Dari and Pashto. Afghanistan has more than 34 provinces they are Heart , Balkh , mazare shref ,  kunar , Kandahar , Kabul , Jalalabad, Nuristan , Ghzne .   Kabul is the capital of our country and the famous cities are heart, Balkh, Kabul, Jalalabad and Kandahar. There are more fruit fine in our country such as grapes, water million, million and so on. I like my country because my country is very beautiful and very quiet and I was born in Afghanistan and Afghanistan is my birthplace. Unfortunately in our country has war sine 30 years, so now we have a democracy and have a election to choice our president. I hope, we have a beast and peace country after elected our suitable president and the first countries of the world will help to improve our educations, economics, stability, and other things which our country need. One of the strong point of our country is this that it is the meddle of Asia and suitable for trading to many country. 100 percent of our people are Muslims.                                                          

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اسما فقیری در اول حوت سال 1379 ه .ش مطابق به سال 2000 م در ولایت باستان و باشکوه هرات دریک خانواده متمدن و علم دوست دیده به جهان گشود و اولین فرزند والدین خود میباشد . اسما نظر به استعداد ویژه خویش با توجه به سن کمی که داشت…

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