Afghanistan New Education System process (Examer)

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Online Examination system will certainly change the examination routing in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

The registration process of Afghan students into the Examer is being continued. The first school that we have started the process is Hoze-Karbas High School which located in Hoze-Karbas - Herat it has 4000 students and 92 teachers.  First we organized some training class about computer basis, Internet and social media for female students to become more familiar with these technologies. We have faced different challenges during this training process in Afghanistan but fortunately solved them in a good manner. Our second step was learning the online examination system to teachers and students. First they were starting to register themselves to this system, now we have about 1100 Afghan female registered students from 8-12 classes on this online examination system.

We have finished the Examer registration process in Hoze-karbas high school, now the school teachers are starting to use and take exams from student through this online system. The first exam was taken by citadel team from students about blogging. That was for testing the system performance for first time that was successfully done.

Parigul is one of the students who was taken this exam she says “This is really unbelievable and completely different exam which I had till now. I hope this system is being implemented  in all over the country and other students also use from this new examination system. Taking the tests by this system makes the students sure about their exam scores, because I know this system will provide fair and the correct score of each student automatically”.

The Examer registration will be start so soon in the other schools which covered by Film Annex.

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