Afghanistan New Educational System (Examer)

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   Examer is an online examination system which it designed to take exam from students in an online base. The purpose of designing an Online Examination system is to provide a better solution and efficient manner to the examination system and also online exams especially in Afghanistan that is country which is not quite familiar with the term Internet.

It can evaluate the students through an online procedure and is an automatic system that not only prevents from time consuming but also give clear and fast results. This system provides a very friendly and easy environment for teachers to create different types of question like multiple choice, ture/false and essay question. This system developed by collaboration of Film Annex team in NYC and Citadel of Herat Afghanistan.

Actually this system will be a perfect alternative for paper based examination by streamlining the way for a fair and clean examination process. As the paper based exam has some problems such as time-consuming, possibility of cheating, loss of paper and inefficient while the computer based system can prevent from mentioned issues.

The system development is almost finished but still the developers are trying to add some new and necessary functionality to the system for making it more efficient and user friendly.

The citadel team are starting to train the school teachers and students that covered by Film Annex with Examer, also they are starting to register students to this system.


For more information please see this video:

The Examer Educational Software 


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