Afghanistan – The Unlikely, Yet Very Beautiful Tourist Destination

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When talking about Afghanistan, very few people think of it as a tourist destination. However, without all the violence and battle situations, Afghanistan is actually a very scenic place with some great destinations to visit. It also has a few World Heritage Sights. If explored properly, Afghanistan can prove to be a very beautiful place.

The Bamyan Province, which is now considered to be one of the poorest provinces in the country, is very rich in culture and heritage. The Buddhas of Bamiyan, the world-renowned twin statues had stood in this very place for centuries, before the Taliban destroyed them in 2001, in an attempt to demolish everything un-Islamic. However, the caves surrounding the statues are still intact and have some very beautiful attractions to offer. Guided tours are available to the tourists who come. Along with the historical caves, one can also explore the various lakes and the breathtaking mountain ranges in the area.

The governor of Bamyan Province, Dr. Habiba Sarabi has been an active campaigner in the promotion of tourism in Afghanistan. She believes that through tourism not only can the world know more about Afghanistan, but the local people can also earn their livelihood. She encourages people to work as tourist guides and to open small guest houses and eateries in their houses so that money can be earned in a safe and amicable atmosphere. If the efforts of the government, along with help from the UN, materialize, the people of Afghanistan will benefit a lot. And along with this, the adventurous tourists from around the world will also have a great new place to explore.  

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