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Discussing with different people about the Afghan Development Project, and as Mr. Rulli elegantly states above in his meeting with the U.N., there are a lot of positives to take away from Afghanistan as a country.

As I was reading an article this morning (which the URL can be found at the end of this blog), it stated that the international community plans to invest "16 billion U.S. dollars in economic assistance to Afghanistan for the next four years".

16 Billion Dollars!!

This is with the hopes, to not only bring jobs, "but a connection to the future" for Afghanistan.

So when you say "how do you feel about business in Afghanistan ?", to most people; their reactions usually aren't thoughts of success and entrepreneurship. So then , for fun because I am a nerd remember, I explain about globalization due to technology, and the ability to enter a labor/thought market never even considered, just like Roya Mahboob and Film Annex state in the Aghan Development Project. People's eyes light up, and you can see wheels turning when sharing this ideology in a different light. Following the business tides, Central and South Asia is next in line.

So this of course leads me to look at the risk and cultural differences of doing business in Afghanistan, by doing research on sites such as and Country Watch. 

So for the next few blogs, I will describe my thoughts on the risks and how to avert said risks, while considering business in this economy.

Thanks for all the support so far guys!


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