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Due to decades of war, Afghanistan's economy fell apart. And the basic economy of the country was faced with many problems. Including all infrastructures, including the majority of the country's export-import banks and commercial relations of the rich mines etc. disappeared. And the other on behalf of Afghanistan's rich minerals such as iron, gold, silver, oil, gas and coal are our country has an excellent geographical position in Asia and fortunately our exports and imports have increased. Industrial production in Afghanistan has also developed, but it needs more officials’ attention for more improvement.


 For example, the industrial town of Heart: products these type of goods (non-alcohol beverage types / kinds of food / producing motor bike / manufacturing all types of pipes for building / manufacturing all kinds of medical equipments / production many type of furniture etc). it shows that the economic situation is getting better day by day by working hard and paying more attention of officials. There are also these kinds of companies in others provinces as well as, that are supported by non-governmental and governmental organizations.

With the consent of local authorities in Herat flourished saffron, saffron farmers in the province, the lack of market for the product have complained. Afghanistan’s economic development programs in the development of ten years, two million, one hundred thousand jobs were created in the country. It’s mentionable to say nowadays there are lots of students who want to learn about economy, and that is way they attend to colleges for learning it.

 We are hoping to improve our economical situation by the international community help and compassion of our officials who are responsible for improvement of Afghanistan economy. I think it’s possible and we can achieve a good economy if we perform our jobs as well as we can.

Also it's nacessary to say an espicial thanks from filmannex and with actived partinership of  afghan citadel software company that  these company help the people by making jobs for them.

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