Afghanistan’s Mines

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Research has shown that Afghanistan has 1400 mineral types, most economically valuable minerals are noticeable: A few months ago, officials of the Ministry of Mines discovered, (uranium) large deposits of gold were in Herat that in each ton of stone, one kilogram of pure gold can be achieved. The exploitation of these mines in Afghanistan, will be won, the economic well-earned place as one of the richest countries.

Precious stones in Afghanistan named Karima jewels, precious jewels or precious stones. These rocks are derived from several thousand years ago to today is done by locals. East and northeast of the country have valuable minerals usually have a large selection.

We can find these valuable stones in Panjshir, Nuristan and Badakhshan provinces and some other minerals in different areas of the central Hindu Kush. Mineral and semi precious stones, including lapis topaz tourmaline and quartz. 

The country's four major ore mines in Panjshir, Jagdalak amethyst, garnet, non-technical manner mined in Badakhshan and Nuristan to the Indian market and the Pakistan market for sale.

Silver mines in Afghanistan:

The most important silver mines in Afghanistan(White gold) in the mountains of Badakhshan, Panjshir region, mountains of Herat, Kandahar, Ghorband and Bibi Gouhar in (Kandahar).

In the northern part of the Amu Darya Basin oil and gas reserves have been discovered that has 15th place among 152 Basin of the world. The major minerals include iron, copper, coal, gold, oil, natural gas, rare metals such as lithium and semi-precious jewels. Lithium and precious metal values from which manufacture batteries of mobile telephones, laptop computers and other electronic equipment used.

 In addition to the mineral exploration and exploitation capacity for investment, economic capital is needed at the national and international investors. Government needs exotic supports for extracting these minerals. But economic experts believe that, if contracts be given to foreign investors will take their core economic terms.

Therefore, careful planning is needed to avoid an unfair competitive climate of the region is growing at a fundamental labor. However, if we can come over present problems, including weakness of governance and corruption. Then invest in Afghanistan's rich mineral extraction and vast fields of employment, termination of insecurity in the country can also help.

Readiness to attract investments in sectors such as transparency in contracts, how to monitor the implementation of these treaties, laws and policies are necessary.

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