AFPPESAn Alumni Homecoming 2014

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My designed stage of the Talentadong AFPPESAn talent competition.

AFPPESAn Alumni Homecoming


It's already April and I am very excited on my coming vacation this May. The weather is hot although there are rain-showers sometimes. This is it, summer vacation in the province. There are so many events that are being celebrated. Aside from the the various fiestas (traditional religious festivals), there will be alumni homecomings, family and school reunions, picnic and excursions, sports league, group and organizational/club activities, and many others events.

We have alumni homecoming in High School and College but the one in my Elementary School is so far the most organized and successful one. Actually, this would be the third in the row with the leadership of my brother who is the principal of the elementary school which is now an Integrated school.


Near the seaport and in fron of the Kalantiaw Shrine before the start of the marathon. Click the marathon link for more photos.


This event is being facilitated by AFPPESA, an association former pupils, students and employees who had been part of the Alma Mater which is headed by the school's faculty and staff.



It was also April last year when I took a long summer vacation. I got myself involved in various preparations like the souvenir program, stage and venue decoration and events facilitation.

In the morning of May 16, there was a four kilometers marathon that started from the seaport of Poblacion up to the school in our barangay. My nieces and nephews joined this first event. I was part of the motorcade that convoys the runners in a motorcycle during the marathon.


The board of judges during the Talentadong AFPPESAN talent competition. Click the link for more photos.



Early in the afternoon of the same day (16th of May), there was the common but enjoyable Bingo Socialization among the members. Every winner was shouting with joy and excitement as they complete the required patterns. But the most exciting of all was the Laro ng Lahi or the traditional games. These were the games: Palo Cebo, Basagan ng Palayok, Sack Race, Tug-o-war, Bring Me, Paint A Picture, Longest Line, Trip to Jerusalem, Newspaper Dance, and many more.

The three greasy bamboo poles for the Palo Cebu during the Laro ng Lahi traditional games. 


In the evening of the same day 16th of May, there was the "Talentadong AFPPESAn" competition. It is the search for the talented/gifted alumni to showcase their talents/skills back to their Alma Mater. There are three categories in the competition, the senior, the junior and the group. The first place in each category will compete for the grand champion. Happy to state that two years, in a row the grand champions were from my family. First was my niece with her belting singing prowess, then last year was my nephew showcasing his painting skill. This year would be a great battle because lots of aspirants would like to break the monopoly. Well, let's wait and see if they could break the monopolizing trend in the Talentadong AFPPESAn. ^_^

I am not sure yet if the women's volleyball and men's basketball will be added to the team events. All of these sports competitions were currently being sponsored by the Barangay and Religious Fiesta. There were already four teams competing in the league.



The grand finale night with the winner of the talentadong AFPPESAn group category.

May 17 was the finale and the grand night of the alumni. Every batches from 1950's up to present were gathered together in each table. For sure conversation, reminiscence and story telling would be long way around. There's live band, singing and dancing. The highlight of the program was the turnover of key to the next president of the alumni association.

Hopefully drinking beers and liquors would be in moderation for a peaceful, orderly and memorable celebration. I am looking forward to see my other classmates whom I haven't seen and met for decades already. God Sped!

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