AFRICA: The Only Hope For The Future World

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Africa is a continent were more than nine hundred million people reside. The natural resources found in Africa are very dynamic. I mean any natural resource which is crucial for any country is found here. Gold, Fuel, bronze, various minerals, precious stones, water power etc. are few of these resources. On the other hand, conflicts, war, food insecurity, political instability and economic weakness are the factors that kill the development of the continent. Still now war between the same nations is seen. You can see the democratic republic of Congo and South Sudan cases. But there is bright hope for Africans. Africa will be the main center of growth and development in the next 20-30 years. The economic crisis found in Europe like France, England, Italy, Greece and Spain will result millions of young generation to be unemployed so that almost 30 percent of the European nations will have no access of having enough financial background to live a better life. Therefore, there will be a better chance for these Europeans to work in Africa in construction, health, Industry and educational sectors. With a small amount of money, you can invest in various business oriented innovations. Human power is cheap in Africa so that you can hire many laborers and equip your industry with a more beneficial sector of development. Assume that you are a millionaire and you want business in one of the seven continents yet you are not sure were to construct. In this time, you can compare the basic stuffs that any continent should fulfill. Then you’ll definitely like our Africa than any other continent. You may ask ‘why?’. There are millions of optimistic answers. Here are the fundamental points;  Africa has virgin natural resources that can help your business run without scarcity  Africa has a suitable natural environment and weather condition which is almost free from the natural disasters happening in other Asian, American and European countries. 

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